Shungite Pet Tag

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Electromagnetic frequencies affect our pet's molecular structure  just as much as they affect human beings.

Leading authorities in hormone health and EMF safety recommend reducing EMF exposure to your pets as much as possible. The best way is by minimizing the effects of radiation by using tools that will harmonize these effects.

Our high grade Shungite tag is a wonderful way to protect your pet. It is the only naturally occurring stone that absorbs electromagnetic frequencies.

Through scientific testing, our high grade Shungite is seen to absorb and neutralizing the effects of EMF radiation due to its carbon compounds called Fullerenes. 

Simply attach our high grade Shungite tag to your pet's collar. 

NOTE: All Our High Grade Shungite pieces are tested, cleaned and cleansed before shipment. Shungite is at least 2 billion years old and our high grade Shungite deposits are only found in the Republic of Karelia in Russia.