Buddha Lava

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Buddha means “one who is awake”.

Your journey to becoming “awake” is like peeling an onion; each experience brings you closer to a clear path of what you want and what goals you hope to achieve in this lifetime.

Use this bracelet as an enhancement in your journey and as a reminder to see past the smoky mirrors, decipher false stories and only seek out truth and honesty in your life. 

>> Rose Quartz will remind you to be gentle with yourself and love yourself (and others) through every experience.

>> Tiger’s Eye will encourage you to ask the tough questions and discern fact from fiction, while strengthening your trust in your “gut feelings'“.

>> Carnelian will give you courage when you start to doubt yourself and give you a boost of energy and motivation when you need it.

>> Dalmatian Jasper will remind you not to take everything too seriously and search for the positives in every situation.

>> Lapis Lazuli will enhance the wisdom and intuitive guidance that is required to journey through life.

Note: Color of natural gemstones may vary.

Each bracelet is cleansed and charged before shipment.