Fluorite Angel Wing Necklace

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Rainbow Fluorite definitely makes the list of gorgeous crystals that exist on this planet. It’s colors alone are mesmerizing, yet you may find yourself trying to figure out how on Earth (no pun intended) a gemstone could form with such an array of colors!

Fluorite dates back at least to the 1500s and it forms in every color across the color spectrum. However it’s popularly known for its greenish purple hues.

Industrially, Fluorite has been used to in glass and enamel production, making cooking utensils, creating lenses for microscopes and reading glasses.

Metaphysically, this beauty helps cut through illusions, enhances focus and increases stability in mind, body and emotions. It’s no wonder it’s such a powerful heart chakra stone to keep around. 

Note: Color variations in each stone may vary.

Each piece is cleansed prior to shipment.