Grow With The Flow

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This is a specially crafted bracelet for anyone going through transitions, shifts, changes and life upsets. It is intended to provide comfort and encouragement during these times.

The transition from letting go of all that no longer serves you to allowing fresh energy to guide you into the next stage of your life can be very uncomfortable. This bracelet is a reminder that this is all happening for your Highest Good. It will all make sense.

You are going through a rebirth and you are fully supported by the Angels/God/Universe.

The stones used: 

Citrine - To bring joy and a sunny disposition during sad and depressing times.

Shungite - Grounding and stability. Shungite reminds you to stay grounded when things feel the most uncertain.

Labradorite - A beautiful stone that encourages you to trust the process and know that your Higher Self/ Universe/God are sending you intuitive nudges to make the transition easier. Trust the nudges.

Amethyst - To heal through the growth. Amethyst repairs emotional wounds and calms the spirit. It’s supportive and nurturing.

Smoky Quartz - Helps uplift your spirits while keeping you grounded and centered in the present moment. 

Combined, these stones are intended to bring you peace, support and guidance as you navigate these uncomfortable waters.

Respect the process and Grow with the Flow.