Aventurine Namaste

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Namaste means “the divine in me sees the divine in you”

Green Aventurine, also called the ‘The Stone of Opportunity’, is thought to be the luckiest of crystals especially in drawing in wealth and prosperity. It’s a great ally to have for boosting chances of winning in any situation of free will.

This stone does not only attract wealth, but it also aligns a variety of situations that will open up fresh opportunities.

Green Aventurine is connected to the heart chakra and will assist in release of old unsupportive patterns and disappointments, so that fresh opportunities and growth can occur.

This Namaste Aventurine Bracelet was created to serve as a reminder that you are abundant and worthy of nature’s gifts and blessings. All you need to do is set your intentions, get to work and be open to receive.

This bracelet will remind you that You are divine and powerful beyond measure.

Enjoy the soothing properties of these stones during meditation.