Root Lava

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Wood is one of the most powerful elements of Earth. It contains soothing, calming and grounding energy. It’s natural connection to Earth has been beneficial in easing worry and anxiety for many centuries, as well as enhancing wisdom and endurance.

Lava rock is easily the oldest healing stones in the world and is known for its grounding qualities and ability to calm one’s emotions.

Hematite is a great stone of stability and grounding and attributes its physical heaviness to its composition (made mostly of Iron).

Due to the strong connection that each of these stones has to the Earth, this is a powerful combination for stabilizing and grounding the Root chakra. Enjoy the calming, peaceful and protective properties these gemstones have to offer.

Note: Color of natural wood may vary.

Add a few drops of essential oils to the lava rock for aromatherapy benefits

Each bracelet is cleansed and charged before shipment.