The Protection Swirl

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The Protection Swirl is is a one of a kind creative flow, designed and created by Beryl Oduor herself. It is 3 bracelets in one.

It combines, the smooth round stones of Hematite and the Tumbled, irregular gemstones of Obsidian. It's a culmination of the ups and downs of life: life is a mixture of smooth and unpredictable periods.

Every piece Beryl personally creates is made with deep intention, focus and intuitive flow, to give you the most benefit from the piece. This piece is no exception.

Hematite is linked to the Root Chakra where our physical, emotional and financial stability lie. It is a powerful grounding stone and eases anxiety and worry fairly quickly.

Obsidian, known as "Dragon Glass" has been known to assist with easing negative thinking and protect your aura from psychic attacks.

One Size


Each bracelet is cleansed and charged before shipment.

NOTE: The shape and color of natural stones may vary.