The Wilderness

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‘The Wilderness’ necklace captures the essence of nature and adventure. The combination of onyx, picture jasper, aventurine, rainbow moonstone, and hematite sounds absolutely captivating, bringing together a diverse array of earthy and mystical elements.

The grounding energy of onyx anchors the wearer, providing a sense of stability and protection. 

Picture Jasper, with its intricate patterns, fosters a deep connection to the Earth, promoting balance and harmony.

Aventurine, known as the Stone of Opportunity, brings forth prosperity and opportunities for growth.

Rainbow Moonstone, with its ethereal glow, enhances intuition and emotional balance.

Hematite, a stone of strength and endurance, fortifies the spirit and promotes courage in times of challenge.

Together, these stones form a harmonious blend of energies, creating a talisman of balance, protection, abundance, intuition, and resilience.

Note: Each necklace is cleansed and charged before shipment. Shape of the natural stones may vary.