Shungite Medium Pyramid

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High grade Shungite carries protective properties against electromagnetic frequencies. Through scientific testing, our high grade Shungite is seen to absorb and neutralize the effects of EMF radiation due to its carbon compounds called Fullerenes. 

Pyramids, traditionally popularized by the Egyptians, have been said to regenerate the natural flow of energy circulation in the body as well as harmonizing the environment.

Due to their structure, Pyramids have a balancing effect on the body's electromagnetic field and are said to generate healthy negative ions.

Place our high grade Shungite Pyramid near areas with high EMF release such as wireless routers, microwaves and computers to reduce the effects of the radiation.

Dimensions: 3.1 inches x 3.1 inches

NOTE: All Our High Grade Shungite pieces are tested, cleaned and cleansed before shipment. Shungite is at least 2 billion years old and our high grade Shungite deposits are only found in the Republic of Karelia in Russia.