The Larimar Collection

This limited collection of Authentic Larimar rings are cut and set in Dominican Republic. Each piece is set in Sterling silver or Wax cord, designed to enhance the unique nature of this exquisite gemstone.

Larimar, also known as 'The Dolphin Stone' or 'The Stone of Atlantis' is an intensely beautiful sea-blue gemstone only found in one place on Earth: Dominican Republic. It is very calming and taps into ocean energy and divine goddess energy. It is the embodiment of tranquil Sea and Sky energies.

It is said to carry the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and despite being closely associated with Water elements, it is born of Fire in its volcanic origin. Due to this factor, Larimar is known to cool tempers, calm fears and relieve stress. It is a powerful throat chakra stone.

As demand for Larimar continues to rise, costs continue to rise as miners dig deeper into the layers of rock to extract more Larimar. With supplies quickly dwindling, it is only a matter of time before 'The Stone of Atlantis ' becomes a legend itself.