Our Mission

Our mission is to help underprivileged children receive an education in Beryl Oduor’s native Kenya.

Captain Silvery Academy was a school created by Beryl Oduor's late grandfather Captain Silvery Omanya Amimo. He was one of the lucky few in his village that was able to grow up with a proper education. He spoke fluent English from a young age and served in the Kenyan military in the 1960's. 

Being a recipient of good education, Captain Silvery was very passionate about Education and the role it plays to empower an individual.  In 2012, he started Captain Silvery Academy, aimed at educating the young children of his village. Some of the children were orphaned to HIV/AIDS at a very tender age and were living with their grandparents who were unable to afford school fees, leave alone child care.

When Captain Silvery passed away, the Academy had 46 students (12yrs and under) and 3 teachers. Before his passing, he asked his daughter Florence Oduor (Beryl's mother and former English teacher) to ensure that the school stayed open and kept growing.

Beryl Oduor with her mother, Florence Oduor

Since his passing, the school has grown from 46 students and 3 teachers to almost 200 students and 10 teachers (as of August 2023)

The students and teachers of Captain Silvery Academy

Some of the future goals and vision for the Academy are:

  • Build better classroom infrastructure

  • Create a playground with a variety of toys and games that will stimulate the children.

  • Build a small kitchen area for the cook to make tea and food for the teachers and students.

  • Hire more teachers and be able to pay them better salaries.

  • Eventually build a bigger school to accommodate higher level classes up to High School.

  • and more.