Trio: The ‘Go-Getter’

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Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Mookaite Jasper. This combination will supercharge your goals, help you focus and excel more effectively on task.

Have you ever felt like you could do more, be better, and work more efficiently but you just can’t seem to get there?
Or have you ever had several projects on your list but you can’t seem to focus long enough to make a dent in it? It seems to take longer than it should?

This combination is not a magic pill but it’s sure close to one! Use this set to motivate yourself to work hard (and smart) and maximize your time on each task.

Due to the fact that these are warmer energizing stones, you may start to feel a little “wired”. If you start to feel overly stimulated, take them all off for sometime, or just wear Mookaite Jasper alone.

Note: color and shape of natural stone may vary. All items are charged and cleansed before shipment.