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The Shield Us Bracelet set is crafted from Amethyst and White Jade.

Picture Jasper is closely connected to the Earth more than any other Jasper stone. Picture Jasper brings comfort, alleviates fear and stimulates the Base Chakra to enhance stability in one’s life. It also encourages visualization, overcomes writer’s or artist’s block and inspires confidence in business.

Obsidian, The Stone of Truth”,  is a powerfully protective stone. It forms a protective shield around the wearer against negativity. Obsidian may also help ease the habit of destructive self criticism if and when it occurs.

The intention behind this set is to bring wisdom, protection and creative energy to the wearer(s).

Note: Color of the natural stones may vary

Note: Please pay close attention to the bracelet size selection. Sets can be ordered in one size or mixed sizes.

Each bracelet is cleansed and charged prior to shipment.