The Tetrad

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The Tetrad

The Tetrad is comprised of four kinds of Tiger’s Eye: Golden Tiger’s Eye, Red Tiger’s Eye, Blue Tiger’s Eye and Green Tiger’s Eye. These 4 energies combined make this bracelet quite a powerhouse!

Golden Tiger’s Eye - known to provide protection, self confidence and strong will. It enhances true expression of self.

Red Tiger’s Eye - helps jumpstart your motivation and rekindle your passion for creative projects you’d like to undertake.

Green Tiger’s Eye - helps disperse any self doubt surrounding your capabilities.

Blue Tiger’s Eye - known to be a great protector against the evil eye. It has a calming effect over an over-analytical and overly anxious brain.

Enjoy the combined energies of The Tetrad!

Note: Color of natural stones may vary.

Each bracelet is cleansed and charged before shipment.