Fiery Carnelian

Fiery Carnelian

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Carnelian is one of the best go-to stones to get you energized, revved up, motivated and burning to get things done! It brings life to the party!

If you ever feel lacking in energy, unmotivated and/or lacking focus, Carnelian is the gemstone you will want to invite into your life. This gemstone carries a myriad of benefits. Here's a few:

1. Carnelian makes a great gift for people healing from intense physical accomplishment (surgery, child birth, running marathons etc)

2. Carnelian is very helpful for energizing you to either finally commit to your fitness goals, or boosts your stamina during your daily exercise routines. It'sw a great crystal for athletes and military personnel too!

3. Many people have found benefit in carrying Carnelian during Allergy & Flu season while others leave a piece of Carnelian in their kitchen cabinets, fridge and food pantry to add extra vitality to their food.

4. It is known as the 'Singer's Stone' as it promotes confidence during stage performances and live media. 

Creative juices seem to flow easily with this crystal. Whether you need a boost in your work life, school life or creative life, Carnelian will bring the passion, confidence and courage you need to accomplish those goals.

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Associated chakra: Sacral chakra

Color: Reddish orange

Origin: Brazil, India, Madagascar.

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