5 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing and Charging crystals play an important role in their functionality. If you don’t know the difference between Cleansing and Charging crystals, check out this blog post HERE.

At this time, we are experiencing heightened energies of fear, concern as well as melancholy and sadness. If you’ve been wearing your crystals this entire time of quarantine, it’s time to cleanse them.

Cleansing crystals is the removal of negative energy build up that has been trapped within the vibrational field of your crystals. Think of it like dust. If you don’t clean your floors regularly and you leave your front door open, dust and dirt will accumulate in your home, making it difficult to function. Crystals work the same way. 

Crystals give off a specific frequency 24/7. They help boost your mood, fight off negativity, boost your motivation and help you stay cheerful. Over time, the crystal 'battery' needs a re-boot and that’s when crystal cleansing is important. 


Everyone is different. Depending on your line of work (doctors, nurses and anyone who is constantly exposed to low vibrational energy) & the frequency of wearing the crystals, cleansing can be done every week, month or every quarter. 

Use the following tip as a guide to know when to cleanse your crystals, but ultimately, use your intuition:

1- Feeling sluggish and unmotivated, despite wearing your crystals every day.

2- Giving someone else your crystals to wear then taking them back. 

3- Wearing crystals consistently for over 2 months without cleansing them.

4- Purchasing new crystals. Ideally every item in my store is cleansed before shipment, however it doesn’t hurt to cleanse them again once you have them in your possession. 


1- Cold Salt Water

Get a bowl, fill it with salt water (half a teaspoon of salt) and place your crystals in the water. Let your crystals sit for 10-15mins. Afterwards rinse each crystal under cold running water. Pat them dry between a towel/paper towel. Salt water is a great cleanser of negative energy. Note: to avoid corrosion, do not soak Hematite or any gemstones that contain metal in their formation. Also avoid this method if your crystals are wrapped in metal.

2- Selenite

Selenite is a soft crystal, falling at just 2 on the Mohr’s hardness scale. What it lacks in hardness it makes up for in its energetic power. Selenite, similar time Kyanite and Citrine, is a crystal that doesn’t require cleansing. It’s what is known as a “self cleanser”.

Selenite received its name from the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. Some say it resembles the moon. (Shop Selenite Here)

In its radiating light, it also promotes purity and honesty. Placing your crystals on any form of Selenite for 15 minutes will not only dissipate any negative energy blockages, but it will also raise the vibration of the crystals. It leaves the crystals feeling fresh and energized.

3- Saging

Sage sticks are very powerful energy cleansers. Sage comes from the Salvia plant family and the word is derived from salvere, which means “to heal” in Latin.

Before you light the sage stick, open a window or door. The negative energy released needs an exit. Light the sage stick with a match stick/lighter until it starts to produce smoke.

Hover your crystal over the smoke and let the smoke infiltrate the energetic shield of the crystal. Do this for 40 seconds each crystal. Be sure to keep the sage stick in a ceramic/glass dish to prevent any fires. (Shop Sage Sticks Here)

Don’t leave the sage stick unattended until the smoke is extinguished.

4- Sunlight/Moonlight

Exposing your crystals to sunlight and moonlight for 30 mins will not only cleanse your crystals but it will also charge them as well. Too much sun may cause some crystals to discolor, but that will only happen due to prolonged sun exposure.

The sun is filled with healing energy that is good for the soul. Crystals respond very well to the sun’s energy. Moonlight is more subtle, but just as powerful (especially full moon cleansing). Both Sun and Moon energy carry great cleansing benefits for crystals.

5- Soil

Earth is a wonderful source of grounding energy. If you practice Earthing you know how rejuvenating it is to the physical and energetic body. Burying your crystals in the Earth will not only cleanse them, but it will replenish and energize your crystals back to their highest vibration. You can bury your crystals under the soil for 30 minutes to 24 hours. Trust your intuition to guide you on this timeline.

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Which ways do you cleanse your crystals? 

Let me know in the comments!



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