The Power of Crystal Combinations: Pairs & Trio’s!

The Power of Crystal Combinations: Pairs & Trio’s!

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The entire Universe is made up of energy. Research states that only 4.6% of the Universe is considered physical matter. The human body has an active energetic field and everyday, we are processing the world through it.

 In the same token, every crystal has its own energetic field and each crystal’s structure contributes to whichever energy it gives out to the Universe. When we come into contact with a certain crystals, we tend to notice a physical or emotional difference, however subtle.

 How do Crystal Energies Work?

 Certain crystals combine really well together while others may cause energetic conflict depending on their role. For instance crystals that supercharge and motivate you won’t correlate with crystals that help you relax and calm down. They do opposite things.

 It’s like trying to listen to rap music and country music at the same time. It’s just noise.


Here’s the list of some of the best gemstone combinations I have used over the years that can be of use to you too. I have also included a few gemstone combinations to avoid. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

 DisclaimerThere are hundreds of gemstones that exist on Earth. Consider this a beginners guide. Ultimately, your body will decide what works best for you: listen to it. If any of these combinations feel good to you, use them together. If not, you can wear the crystals individually.


  1. Carnelian and Tigers Eye: Power, boosts creative flow, great motivator to get the job done!
  2. Amethyst and Rose Quartz: Ultimate self love combination. Encourages you to be loving and patient with yourself. Heals any emotional hurt.
  3. Obsidian and Hematite: Protects aura from negativity from self, and others. This combination will take a hit for you when necessary while reflecting excessive negativity back to the sender.
  4. Amethyst and Hematite: Stress reliever. Eases anxiety and racing thoughts. Helps with sleep issues & bad dreams.
  5. Mookaite Jasper and Carnelian: improves Concentration and Focus. Reduces distracting thoughts so you can get your projects done.
  6. Picture Jasper and Aventurine: Opportunity Opener. Draws abundance and attracts experiences and people to help get you to your goals. Great for business owners wanting to take their business to new heights.
  7. Tigers Eye and Aventurine: Money maker. Draws opportunity to make more money. Great encourager for good tips in hospitality industry, or wear these when working towards getting a raise at work.
  8. Sodalite and Aventurine: Improves communication and reduces misunderstanding. Great combination for public speakers or someone working on improving their self expression.
  9. Hematite and Red Jasper: Powerful grounding and calming combination. Great to wear when feeling overwhelmed with long to-do lists and fast approaching deadlines.
  10. White Howlite and Hematite: Promotes restful sleep and slows racing thoughts. Promotes peaceful thought and contentment with where you currently are in life.

Some Trio Combinations:

 The ‘Go-getter’: Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Mookaite Jasper. This combination will supercharge your goals, help you focus and excel more effectively on task.

 The ‘Iron Shield: Hematite, Tigers Eye and Obsidian. Protector against negative elements. Obsidian will guard your thoughts, cleansing negativity from within, Hematite will deflect negativity from outside factors, bouncing it back into the atmosphere, and Tigers Eye will sharpen your alertness to your environment, helping you identify opportunity and avoid misfortune.

 The ‘Money Magnet”: Tigers Eye, Picture Jasper and Aventurine. Draws good fortune with the discernment to know what’s real from fake, and the wisdom to use that knowledge properly. Add Citrine to this combination if available.

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 PS: Do Not Combine:

 Amethyst and Carnelian

Canelian and Aquamarine

 These combinations offer opposing benefits. Carnelian is warm and supercharges your energy while Amethyst and Aquamarine are cool and calm your energy.

 What gemstone combinations work best for you? Let me know in the comments!

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